Ostaš mountain

Explore wonderful sandstone labyrinths and "Cat" rocks

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The Ostaš Nature Reserve which was declared in 1956 is situated on the top of the Ostaš table mountain. Its elevation is 700 meters above sea level. 

Ostaš is divided into two parts: Upper and Lower Labyrinths. The local tourist loop leads visitors through diverse families of rocks, caves, corridors and other bizarre formations. The rocks on the top of the Ostaš Mountain form a high plateau that offers multiple look-outs. In the past, the Labyrinths of Ostaš, as well as the other rock towns in the region, served as a shelter for people in the times of repressions and danger. Therefore the Cave of Czech Brethren can be found here. There is also a number of distinct rock formations on Ostaš: Traitor (Zrádce), Cairn of Death (Mohyla smrti), Devil's car (Čertovo auto), Armed Man (Zbrojnoš) or Group of Bears (Skupina medvědů). The Ostaš scenic loop is marked with a blue color. The green tourist trail leads to the Cave of Czech Brethren (Jeskyně českých bratří) and the Cat Rocks (Kočičí skály) , the blue trail to the Samaritan spring at the foot of the mountain. There is parking lot below Ostaš and a restaurant at the entrance into the rock Labyrinths. In the winter, the restaurant is open only at the weekends. 

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