Discover interesting history of the monastery that used to be the economical and cultural centre of the region for centuries.

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The Benedictines

Benedictines carry on a monastic tradition that stems from the origins of the Christian monastic movement in the late third century. They regard Saint Benedict as their founder and guide even though he did not establish a Benedictine Order...


Broumov Monastery

In 1213 king Ottokar I of Bohemia gave the Broumov region to Benedictines from Břevnov Monastery in Prague. The former fortress was shortly after the year 1300 rebuilt to a monastery in Gothic style. The Břevnov Monastery was burnt down by the...


The monastic grammar school

We don´t know exactly when the monastic grammar school was founded. According to the preserved documents we deduce it was in the beginning of the fourteenth century - aroud 1306. It was attended by the famous czech personalities,...


The Monastic Library

The library used to be the part of the monastery grammar school. The biggest handwritten book of the world - Codex Gigas, or so-called the Devil’s Bible was placed here for almost 200 years - during the fifteenth and sixteenth...


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